Thomas Heaney

Supreme Court is On a Roll!

A Missed Opportunity is Not a Mandate!

Governor Walker’s Dysfunctional Relationship with the Truth

WMC and Governor Himself Tell Lies About Wisconsin Job Creation

Education is Key to Wisconsin’s Future

Critical Milestone Election in Badgerland

ALEC Doesn’t Live Here Any More

Attention Conservatives! Your Ship Has Run Aground!

Senator Johnson Waxes Nostalgic Anti-Populism

Now is the Time to Keep Focus

It’s Time for Peace-Based Policies

Refining Republican Anti-Populism

Stand Down & Study War No More!

Thomas HeaneyHarry Belafonte on MLK: Soccial Justice, Non-violently, is Still the Way 

Seeking a New Populism

We Need a Peace-Based, Shared Prosperity

Sharing Good and Bad Fortune is Best for America

Anti-Populism Republican Style

The 99% Solution

OWS / 99% Movement Creates Many
Teachable Moments

Obama / Bush Contrast As Iraqi Troop Withdrawals Are Announced

Republican Governors in Action

Occupying Wall Street

Where Are The Populist Republicans?

Pass the Bill!

Class Warfare

9/11 – Still Lessons to Learn

Kudos To President Obama

Truth in Funding

Wisconsin Working Together

Bachmann Perry Under-Drive

Time To Keep On Keeping On

Now is the Time For Total Walker Recall

Making Peace While Asymmetrical Warfare is Being Waged by the Right

Born: April 25th 1959 to Barbara and Donald Heaney in Madison Wisconsin. Both parents are attorneys. Barbara was one of the first 100 women to graduate from the University of Utah with a Law Degree. Donald is a former President of the Wisconsin Bar Association.

I grew up in Monona and Middleton, Wisconsin, graduating from Middleton High School in 1977. I graduated from UW Madison in 1981 with a BS in Zoology and from the UW Madison Graduate School of Business in 1985 with an MS in Management Information Systems. I have had a life-long interest and participation in music, first playing trumpet at age 10 and then guitar (classical, jazz, rock, blues, folk, funk, soul) at age 12.

Progressive politics, social justice, and perfecting democracy have been a lifelong interest. Growing up during the 1960s gave me a strong appreciation for the pursuit of peace, civil rights for all and justice for those without a voice. I am a strong advocate for reform of dysfunctional institutions of all types, but especially civic, private / corporate , and public sector. I am a firm believer in an active government role to create opportunities when the public fails to act, to regulate business to protect those who are too poor to be financially influential, and to provide a social safety net.

For the last 22 years I have worked in the field of institutional research at Madison Area Technical College. I have also simultaneously pursued varied musical projects and volunteered in support of various progressive causes.

Follow Thomas on Twitter  @ThomasHeaney1 

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