Karen Vieth

How We Win This War: One Year Later
Walker’s Tools: Hammering Away at Workers’ Rights in Lodi

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The Castle Doctrine Must Go
New Tactics of Control and Oppression: Walker’s War on Women
A World of Difference
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Senate Bill 486: A Step Backward for Disability Rights
MMSD’s Plan to Close the Achievement Gap: All Students Welcome
Michael Flores: Standing Strong for All Students
Madison Preparatory Academy: Still Waiting for Answers
My Thoughts On Madison Preparatory Academy

How We Win This War
Karen Vieth 

I grew up in rural Black Earth, Wisconsin. At an early age, the beauty of the land made a tremendous impact on me. This appreciation for the environment shaped my ethics, interests and education.

I moved to Madison as a teen. My sophomore year, I attended Malcolm X Shabazz City High School. My first fires of activism were ignited when I took a class on banned books. Shabazz also helped me engage in my first experiences as a writer. I can still remember how thrilled I was when the Wisconsin State Journal published my short paper written on diversity.

I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. As an undergraduate, I majored in Elementary Education with a minor in Environmental Science. A few years later, I obtained my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology.

I have been teaching in the Madison Metropolitan School District for eleven years. In that time, I have fought for equity by serving as an Equity Team facilitator at the school level, participating on a district level Equity Team and serving on the district’s Strategic Planning Committee. Through this work, I have engaged with families, businesses and the community.

I have recently become involved with Labor issues and fighting for the working families and children of Wisconsin.

All opinions put forth on this website are mine as an individual.

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