Governor Walker’s Dysfunctional Relationship with the Truth

By Thomas Heaney

Shameful Domestic Abuse in the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion

Scott Walker - Shame poster
Courtesy of Google Images

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker already has the dubious distinction of being the only Wisconsin Governor ever to face a recall election. After having posted an indefensible jobs record, this governor has brazenly lied about the deplorable employment facts in our state.

Denial of our economic problems is only making a bad situation worse. Wisconsin is losing jobs by any objective measure. We have lost some of our best teachers due to layoffs. Walker’s cuts are robbing public school children and their communities of their collective future. His cuts to public employees everywhere are compromising health care, fire protection, and law enforcement. We can’t afford another day of what Scott Walker calls reform. He’s fully engaged in selling our state’s business to the highest bidder, regardless of the impact on real people. A realistic campaign slogan for this governor would be “Citizens be damned, we’re busy making money.”

Walker’s lies are all over the airways both as direct campaign spots and “issues ads”. These very expensive campaigns will be paid for one way or another. Walker contributors are expecting a return on the money they contributed (invested). Protections for ordinary folks are being thrown away to appease Walker’s greed-driven wealthy base. This is not economic development. It is serfdom for working folks in service of a political agenda. Keeping Walker in charge amounts to asking for more exploitation of the people he was elected to serve. It is now clear. Service is not in Scott Walker’s repertoire.

In service to his lies, he has been on a nation-wide fund-raising tour. He accumulated an unprecedented war chest in the form of direct campaign donations, PAC contributions, and legal defense money siphoned from campaign donations. Most of this came from out-of-state donors. Inquiring minds want to know. What is in it for them?

Voters of every political affiliation should unite to remove Scott Walker from office. Even those who agree with his draconian, divisive policy initiatives should feel uneasy about the precedents set by this governor. Those who pay to play today are not guaranteed a seat at the table tomorrow. The cost of an ideological civil war to both winners and losers alike is unbearably high. We can’t afford it, not in dollars and not in the bleak future Governor Walker has visited on us.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett, by contrast, is offering a people-based approach. He is also offering a vision of unity to a divided state. Most heartening about his approach is the idea that everyday people can have a voice in their state government.

Walker has stolen transparency from the people of Wisconsin. He has been busy signing model legislation drafted by ALEC. The only way to remedy the fix put it by Walker is to remove him forthwith. Rejecting his leadership will show the nation that we mean business when it comes to rejecting corporate domination of our state government and economic future.

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