Critical Milestone Election in Badgerland

By Thomas Heaney

Wisconsin Democrat candidates
Photo: Google Images

Wisconsin’s progressives and true conservatives must remove a corrupt Governor drunk on his own power.

On June 5th, 2012 the eyes of a nation will be focused on the recall election of Scott Walker. Wisconsinites are faced with a rare opportunity to reject corrupt corporate cronyism and reestablish a truly representative government accountable to all citizens of the state.

Not so long ago, suggesting a governor in our progressive state might get away with spending the majority of his time and attention focused on fund raising out-of-state would have been preposterous. Yet Walker has delighted the über-right by doing just that. It takes a truly twisted ideologue to stay so singularly focused on defying the will of the electorate during such dire economic times. Giving the people a remedy to such a power abuse is the raison d’etre for Wisconsin’s right to recall elected officials. In Walker’s case it’s not just our right to recall, it’s our duty.

Scott Walker has undertaken a corrupt agenda while simultaneously trying to maintain his powerbase by any means necessary. To achieve his ends, he has worked hard to disenfranchise significant portions of the electorate. He made it significantly harder for a host of the economically weakest among us to vote. This includes the elderly, minorities and the disabled. These are also the same folks most damaged by his merciless unnecessary budget cuts.

Governor Walker simply ignores the plight of people who didn’t vote for him or didn’t contribute to his campaign. He does listen to economic interests and power brokers outside of Wisconsin. The rogue gallery whose support Walker chases after shamelessly includes Fox News, the Koch brothers, and ALEC (refer to:

Walker’s strategy includes covering ALL his bases. So naturally when he leaves the state to get contributions, he isn’t ONLY focusing on contributions for his re-election. He also is raising megabucks for his legal defense fund.

While a lot of publicity has been focused on the May 8th primary election, any of the four Democrat candidates vying for the nomination would be a worthy immediate successor to the Governor. Importantly, none of them would be beholden to lobbyists to the extent that Scott Walker is. It is critical that those of us opposed to corruption in our statehouse keep our eyes on the prize and rally behind the nominee in solidarity.

Perhaps the best reason to recall Walker is his own record of success at fund-raising. The Governor now literally owes his political future to the likes of the Koch brothers and other wealthy lobbying interests. The Governor’s record shows how loyal Scott Walker is to his donors. Recent history indicates Walker’s highest priority will be to pay back his political debts. The rest of Wisconsin simply cannot afford to pay Walker’s political tab out of our collective economic, environmental, and political futures. Wisconsin voters have the tools to remove an unrepentant, corrupt governor. It’s time to put them to good use.

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