A World of Difference

By Karen Vieth

Picture by Joe Lynde Capitol Connection

Recently, many of my Saturdays have been spent around a dining room table with people I have come to know as my friends. We gather with a common vision of electing Michael Flores to the Madison School Board. At these meetings, we pass around graphics, edit letters and highlight maps. We are all amateurs, but that doesn’t stop the level of inspiration. Periodically, our group is interrupted by a devoted volunteer at the door who is ready to distribute another round of literature. Volunteers are met with a smile and a thank you and then we get back to work. Michael Flores’ campaign has been a feet on the ground, coffee at the kitchen table, grassroots campaign.

These Saturday mornings are one way I fight for our public schools. I do it because I believe that Michael Flores can unite our community and empower our students. I was shocked yesterday when I received the report that Mary Burke had spent $28,000 on her campaign. After all, this amount of money parallels how much I made my first year teaching. Today when I found out another $20,000 was spent on television ads, it was altogether implausible.

This makes one difference very clear. Mary Burke has put forth financial resources to get her word out to the community. Meanwhile, Michael Flores’ campaign has come from the heart of our community. Michael Flores is the change we need on our Madison School Board.

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