Dear Governor Walker

By Kimi Ishikawa

I read the recent article in the Washington Times, featuring an interview with you. There were some misconceptions presented, and as a teacher, I felt compelled to correct you.

I am the unions. Madison Teachers, Inc. and WEAC, to be exact. I have also spent a fair amount of time with activists from AFSCME, the firefighter’s unions, SWEIO, and others over the last year. I have not met anyone who wants you dead. We just want you to take your toys back to your own sandbox and leave our state alone. Your unjustified paranoia was evident from day one, when you put the National Guard on alert and exempted the police and state patrol from your heinous attacks on Wisconsin workers. You should know by now, after our months of peaceful protest and constitutional actions to petition for redress, that you have no need to fear the citizens of Wisconsin. We despise you and all that you stand for, yes, but we are a gentle, angry people, and you need not be afraid.

I am the hundreds of thousands of patriots who descended upon Capitol Square over the past year, and who have been actively working on the various recalls since last spring. I have been out in the midst of protests continually, including almost every day of the huge protests last winter and spring.

If you had emerged from your underground tunnels you would have realized that the vast majority of us were from Wisconsin. Yes, our movement has attracted the attention of the world, and it is not uncommon to see people visit from other states or countries to experience our energy, lend their encouragement, and record or participate in this historical moment. But the VAST majority of people at the Capitol are from WISCONSIN. You are repeatedly, repeatedly quoted repeatedly saying repeatedly that SOME of the protesters are from Wisconsin but that MANY OTHERS are from out of state, repeatedly implying that out-of-staters outnumbered Wisconsinites. This is wrong.

You are NOT quoted explaining the out-of-state contributions you have been collecting in all of your campaigns and during this recall drive, but you do keep harping on the idea that Wisconsin patriots are being driven by out-of-state interests which is ludicrous. Many out-of-staters do have an interest in what goes on here, but we are driven by our own integrity, our love for all that Wisconsin stands for, and our horror at the idea that you are trying to create an autocratic regime here in Wisconsin, based on suppression of individual rights, collusion between corporations and government, and consolidation of power in your own office.

Lastly, I just have to comment on your claim that you cannot endorse a GOP candidate because you are so adored that it would hurt the feelings of the other candidates — no, on second thought, no further comment is necessary — simply repeating the idea is enough to underscore the hilarity.

I have been quoted in the news enough to know that they almost always misquote. If the article was incorrect, feel free to let me know and I’d be happy to clear it up with my peeps so they will understand you weren’t willfully lying.

And if the gist of the article was correct: please stop willfully lying.


Kimi Ishikawa
Madison parent, teacher, patriot, deputy

Wisconsin Gov. Walker: Unions ‘want me dead’ – Washington Times

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