Who Is Actually Leaving No Child Left Behind?

By Molly Belt

What Americans Keep Forgetting About Finland’s School Success from The Atlantic is yet another excellent article about what Finland is doing right in educating their students.

While we, in America, struggle to educate our kids under No Child Left Behind, with constant standardized testing, charter and private schools, and the threat of punitive measures for teachers whose students don’t successfully jump through each hoop, Finland is turning out some of the best students in the world.

What are they doing differently? They focus on equity. Rather than having expensive private schools for those who can afford it, all students go to public schools, where teachers are respected and paid appropriately for their level of education. The Finnish perspective is that all students should have equal access to a quality education, and they do what is necessary to provide that, including providing meals, medical and psychological services.

In America, too many people feel that we should be in the “business” of educating children. In Finland, they know that education shouldn’t be a business, and they are right. We could learn a great deal from their methods if we would stop listening to the constant drumbeat of “profit, profit, profit, punish, punish, punish.”

2 thoughts on “Who Is Actually Leaving No Child Left Behind?

  1. If people were to truly understand the NCLB policy, where it came from, and what its purpose was, they could clearly see that it was a supreme success. That is because it was designed to dumb down our student body with endless, developmentally inappropriate, academic testing starting as early as grade 2 (with preparation even as early as kindergarten in some schools). NCLB was a product of the NWO designed to create a nation of workers that do not ask questions or think critically and who have been in a system of rewards and punishments, a program that has the least intrinsic value for learning or motivation, since the day they entered those hallowed halls of public education, through the metal detectors of course.

  2. This is a great article that really cuts to the core of some of the education issues. No Child Left Behind leaves teachers “teaching to the test” and not focusing on the actual quality of education in the classroom. A friend of mine has launched an initiative aimed at bringing awareness to this issue, along with implementing change. Check out nochildheldback.com to learn more!

    As for the idea of “business” in education, I think that schools should begin to incorporate entrepreneurship more into the curriculum. By teaching students information and material, we are able to “educate” them. If we took it a step further by allowing them to apply information to real world problems/issues from an entrepreneurial perspective, they would not only have a greater understanding, but they also may be able to create change! The possibilities would be endless with this type of approach! Great article again, just some food for thought!

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