A Saturday in Fitzwalkerstan

By Molly Belt

Standing on a busy corner, sign in hand
Guiding Christmas shoppers to the petition drive-through tent
Rain patters steadily
The drops bead on my rain jacket and pants,
soak through my boots to my socks
Rain trickles down my face, into my mouth
It dots my glasses, leaving me squinting through a spotted haze
The wind whips at my neon traffic vest,
pushes the Recall Walker sign into my legs
I look toward the tent where my Brothers and Sisters have the petitions
A line of cars 6 deep waiting to sign
It’s all worth it
After an hour and 15 minutes my teeth start to chatter
An hour and 30 minutes and my whole body is shivering
But it’s not the cold of a Wisconsin winter that is so hard to take
It’s the cold in the hearts of those who feel it necessary to slow down and
give the finger to strangers as they drive by
It’s the cold in the heart of Scott Walker
as he cuts 1.6 billion in education funds while passing out tax breaks to the wealthy
It’s the cold in the hearts of the Fitzgerald brothers
blithely voting to cut funds for BadgerCare leaving 65,000 of the
poorest and most vulnerable without coverage
That’s the cold that chills me to the bone


One thought on “A Saturday in Fitzwalkerstan

  1. When people flip me off, I usually reply with something like “Thank you for letting me know ‘I’m number 1′” or “Hey, no need to compare IQ’s, I don’t have that many fingers!” GO RECALL GO!!!

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