Hartmann: Corporate Media Stumped on Occupy Wall Street

Courtesy of  and Buzzflash

Russ Baker, author, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty joins Thom Hartmann. The Occupy movement received a boost yesterday from senior citizens. To send a message to Congress about plans to cut Medicare and Social Security – cuts that will likely come out of the Gang of 12 – hundreds of senior citizen patriots occupied a downtown intersection in Chicago. They were joined by nearby members of Occupy Chicago and other grassroots organizations – as well as a few members of Congress including Representatives Jan Schakowsky and Danny Davis. Ultimately – police moved in to break up the demonstration – hauling away 47 people – mostly senior citizens – away in handcuffs. We can add their names to the growing list of 3,362 patriots who’ve been arrested since the Occupy movement started more than a month and a half ago. But these mass arrests of patriots instead of banksters don’t jive with the attitudes of most of the American people. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Occupy Wall Street popularity surging with 60% of Americans supporting the basic sentiment of the occupiers. That’s twice as much support as the Tea Party received in the same poll. So while more and more Americans seem to be “getting it” when it comes to the 99% movement – there’s still one group that’s woefully ignorant…the corporate media.

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