Time To Be The Media

Money = Power, Influence, Prestige, Attention
Heartache and Despair = People in the Streets

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Keith Olbermann has now given daily updates of the events on Wall St. In Thursday’s report he interviews Michael Moore. Both agree that the main stream media has ignored OWS.

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 – A new U.S. Census Bureau report reveals the number of people living in poverty last year surged to 46.2 million — 1 in 6 Americans, the highest number since the Bureau began tracking such data more than 50 years ago. According to the report, blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 54 percent of the poor with whites at 9.9 percent and Asians at 12.1 percent. Children under 18 suffered the highest poverty rate. Meanwhile, the number of Americans with employer-provided health insurance has also continued to decline and now hovers just below the 50 million mark, the most in more than two decades. Analysts say the numbers would have been worse if not for government assistance programs, including extended unemployment compensation, stimulus spending, Obama’s health reforms, and social security. We speak with Heidi Shierholz, labor economist at the Economic Policy Institute.

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The US media has been experiencing an unusual trend. Legitimate news reporters, including Anderson Cooper, have transitioned from hard news correspondents to talk show hosts. Some say this is a degradation of the news media. Here to discuss this is Chris Chambers, journalism professor at Georgetown University.

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