Class Warfare

By Thomas Heaney 

Tax policies favoring the rich have been going on for years.  Why not make defending non-rich America an issue?

Discussion about rescuing America’s imperiled non-wealthy classes should happen much more than it does.  What would happen if the subject were to be brought front and center into discussions relating to tax rates?

I’m not referring to the oft-repeated right-wing nostrum that cutting taxes is the only way to create domestic jobs. US economic history suggests the exact opposite is true.  Our economic booms have happened during times when rich folks were being taxed at rates much higher than the rates they now pay. Still the greed-driven mantra continues.

The next time someone like John Boehner suggests that Democrats are inappropriately raising the issue of class, President Obama should seize the moment to further justify the plan he now has on the table.  For the last 10 years, the standard of living for most Americans has been declining while that of the very rich has been rising.

For years Republicans have spent money to fight wars without worrying about how to pay for them. They were also simultaneously sabotaging Medicare, the Post Office, FEMA and other agencies with the idea that they would cut them when they could offer the “we’re broke” excuse. That would create more wealth generating opportunities for already bloated investor class folks to become even richer.  Deliberately enacting this agenda would accurately be termed “The Raw Deal”. What else would we expect from a Congress dominated by corporate lobbyists.

Unfortunately people not affluent enough to hire lobbyists have been left out of much of the public discourse. Neither the Republican Party nor the Tea Party have any true populists representing the economic interests of ordinary citizens.

Now is the time for Democrats and the President to re-assert their roles as the true champions of everyday American working people. We have long since left the time for bi-partisan negotiating behind us. It’s time to insist on a job creation as a necessary pre-condition for any favorable tax treatment for corporations.

It’s also time to follow Warren Buffett’s suggestion to stop coddling the rich. They don’t need it. We can’t afford it. We’re broke! Remember?

6 thoughts on “Class Warfare

  1. Hello Ann,
    Previously you mentioned a petition to save the Postal Service & I had said I would be posting an article about the subject of the Postal Service, and have done so today. It may have merit, then again not?
    God Bless,

  2. Hello Again Ann,
    Can’t say I am devout in any political party, but would probably lean more Democratic in most cases? After traveling all over the World & experiencing all the cultures we’ve been blessed with, because they all have something special to contribute to life, I find it weren’t for political or religious voices to seemingly divide us, we could all get along and really accomplish some great things, but we live in reality, and those divisions do exist for several reasons, not just the two I mentioned, I wish they could work toward better ends. I’m really not anti anything unless it hurts humanity’s chances of working together, yet do have a few “gut” issues I suppose, but try not to let them be my guide for others. The only shoes I walk in are my own, so I feel obligated to consider that as well for others, but believe strongly in freedoms of speech and personal rights of others, and an unfettered Internet, it is a wonder of our World, yet as with anything, needs some guidance, but very little. Thanks for your comments & have a fantastic weekend, football for me I suppose?
    God Bless,

  3. God Bless you also. I am always interested in hearing different points of view, even if I do not agree with them. I am a Progressive Democrat but I sometimes question things. After all we live in a pluralistic society where people hold different beliefs. My immediate family are diverse in their beliefs on religion, politics etc. So I was raised to respect a person’s belief or part of it even if it does not agree with what I believe. This is America. Yes, keep freedom of expression.


  4. Thank you Ann for the kudos,
    I’m proud to be an American, but disappointed we have such trouble as of late to do the right thing for America-too many special interests & they all have paid great sums of money to get their way! I have a post soon to make regarding the Postal Service, and though it may not be everything you would agree with, it is an effort to save it, at least in part. Good luck on your efforts, you seem to have a good spirit, nice to see!
    God Bless,

  5. Tom,

    I like the way you described some complex issues. They were user friendly. About 10 minutes ago I signed a petition to save public postal service. Now I understand why the ultra conservatives are motivated by greed.


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