Please Connect the Dots

Pelosi Statement on the 200th Day of the GOP Majority
Courtesy of PBS NewsHour and YouTube
Repetition Doesn’t Make It So “You Can’t Raise Taxes on the Job Creators.”

Courtesy of 

Courtesy of @lovethehippies,  and YouTube

Courtesy of Politics Plus
CBO:The Stimulus Saved JobsBikiniGraph

Courtesy of Daily Kos
Mission accomplished: Tea party Republicans took the economy hostage and killed job growth

Jobs Growth 

Courtesy of Think Progress (Read story)

My Advice for the Chamber of Commerce: Shut Up and Hire Somebody! – Time

Lies – Santorum accuses Obama of creating ‘only 240 million jobs’ | Raw Replay

Republicans Put Wars Ahead of People – Truthdig
Courtesy of 
 and YouTube

Courtesy of Wikimedia:

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