Only Born-Again Christians Need Apply

By Jody Gifford
Via Ames Patch 

As the Happy Time Daycare becomes the Point of Grace Children’s Academy, staffers are required to reapply for their jobs with this warning: No gays, no Jews or other non-Christians.

A Waukee church is being criticized by angry parents for forcing child-care staffers to adhere to Christian principles, banning non-Christians, sexually-active singles, male-female roommates and practicing homosexuals from employment.

On Friday, staff members of the Happy Time Preschool & Daycare received letters informing them that the center was being reorganized into the Point of Grace Children’s Academy. Previously, the center operated in Waukee’s Point of Grace Church, but religious affiliation was not stressed there, said former employees and parents.

Employees wanting to remain needed to reapply for their positions and agree to the new guidelines. These new guidelines were spelled out in a Christian Lifestyle Agreement included with employment applications. The agreement states that “every employee accept and follow a lifestyle commitment based upon Biblical principles.”

That lifestyle means regular attendance at a Christian church, no sex outside of marriage, no homosexual conduct, no viewing of pornography, no drug or alcohol use, and no vulgar language, according to the application posted on the church’s website.

Point of Grace, an evangelical Christian church in Waukee, housed the Happy Time Daycare for three years. The daycare leases space from the church; it is unclear whether church officials hired and paid the daycare employees or whether they worked for another entity.

Earlier this month, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, running for the GOP presidential nomination, spoke to the church and listened as its pastor Jeff Mullen, railed against homosexuality as “unnatural,” “immoral,” and later showed a video of a man who claimed to be gay until finding God, according to NBC News. The pastor has endorsed Bachmann for president. Read story at Ames, IA Patch

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