Defrag with Glenn Gould’s Bach

– Sergei Stasov

Glenn Gould was an instant international phenemenon when his 1955 recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations hit retail stores.  Uniquely distinct, clear and expressive articulation were among his extraordinary technical gifts.

Gould was an eccentric artist who avoided public concertizing, preferring instead the recording studio.  One of the pioneers of recorded classical music, he regarded electronic studio recording as an art form in itself, an addition to musical composition and performance.

Along with his brilliant and innovative recordings of Bach, Gould is remembered for his eccentric behavior – using a kitchen chair in place of piano bench, bundling up in winter clothes during sweltering heat waves, and his incessant humming, which can be heard on many of his recordings.

The purity, beauty and proportion of Bach’s music has a calming, uplifting effect. Take a step back, and reorganize your data with Glenn Gould’s flawless, joyous Bach.

Courtesy of  and YouTube

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