Corporate Champion Starbucks -Thanks To CEO Howard Schultz

Boycott Campaign Donations!
Via The New York Times 

Howard Schultz, the chairman and chief executive of Starbucks, has always been the kind of boss who wears his heart on his sleeve. So it came as no surprise to Starbucks employees when, on Monday, he sent out a long, passionate, companywide e-mail entitled “Leading Through Uncertain Times.”

In it, he wrote about his frustration over “the lack of cooperation and irresponsibility among elected officials as they have put partisan agendas before the people’s agenda” — creating an enormous crisis of confidence in the process. He said that Starbucks had a responsibility “to act in ways that can ease the collective anxiety inside and outside the company.” It needed to continue creating jobs. It had to maintain its generous package of employee benefits. And it was critical, Schultz wrote, for employees “to earn our customers’ trust by being respectful of their own life situations — whatever it may be.”

No, the surprise wasn’t the e-mail; it was what happened next. Although he has made his share of campaign contributions — “to candidates in both parties,” he told me on Friday — Schultz is hardly a political activist. Yet the response to his e-mail — not only from within the company but among a group of some 50 business leaders he shared it with — was so overwhelming that it galvanized him.

Even before sending out the e-mail, an idea had begun forming in his mind about how to force the country’s dysfunctional politicians to stop putting party over country and act like the leaders they are supposed to be. By Friday morning, when we spoke, Schultz was not only ready to unveil his idea, but to spearhead a movement, if that’s what it took. Read story at The New York Times



One thought on “Corporate Champion Starbucks -Thanks To CEO Howard Schultz

  1. As I understand it, it is an awesome idea. I have two college graduate children in their 40’s who need jobs after being laid off. There are no jobs and I am open to suggestions which hold water.

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