“I’d Rather Have a Life than a Pile of Money” Peter Buffett

By Fran Korten | Yes Magazine

Peter Buffett, Warren Buffett’s son, on his family wealth, his music career, and his commitment to social justice.

Recently Peter Buffett, son of famed billionaire Warren Buffett, talked with YES! Magazine Publisher Fran Korten, about his new book Life is What You Make It and the choice points of his life.

Fran Korten: As the son of a multi-billionaire, isn’t it a bit audacious to write a book advising others on how to live their lives? What gave you the courage to write this book? 

Peter Buffett: Yeah, when you see my last name and my book title, “Life is What You Make It,” you’re probably thinking, “easy for you to say.” But that’s why I wrote it. People would say to me “You’re so normal,” and I thought, “Why is that?” I grew up in a household that, at its core, was about egalitarianism, humanitarianism. I didn’t think there was any reason to feel entitled or special. When people started to put that assumption on me, I thought, “Well, this could be interesting to try to bust that assumption.” If I can help redefine success and privilege then I think it’s my duty to do it. If I can show up vulnerable and real, I think it gives other people permission to show up vulnerable and real.

Fran Korten: Your book is about choice points in life. Like that moment when you’re listening to a tape of your own music in a beat-up Honda Civic at the beach and suddenly you see that your future is in music. When you informed your parents, how did they react?

Peter Buffett: They were wonderfully supportive. They knew I loved music all my life. So it wasn’t some crazy idea to them. I was also fortunate that I had recently inherited Berkshire-Hathaway shares worth $90,000. So my dad said, “Look, here’s what you should do. Take a year off, you can spend x amount of dollars and it won’t eat into the principal.”  Please read more!

Blood Into Gold – Peter Buffett featuring Akon

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