America Needs the Wisdom of Solomon

By Molly Belt

The discussion of the debt ceiling has got me thinking about the story of Solomon and the two women who both claimed to be the mother of a child. King Solomon suggests slicing the child in two with a sword so that each woman can have half. Neither gets everything she wants, but they can each have some of the child. One woman is willing to do that, despite the fact that being sliced in two with a sword would kill the child. At least she would have won. The other woman cries out not to kill the child. She is willing for her rival to have it, rather than see it killed.

In this current debt ceiling crisis we have two “mothers”, both claiming to want what is best for the child, in this case, our country.. One “mother” wants no revenue increases, only cuts, and will not give in no matter what. The other “mother” would like to see more balance, with revenue increases as well as cuts. Talks go on and on. One “mother” wants what they want and is willing to see the “child” suffer if they don’t get it. The other “mother”, in an effort to circumvent disaster for the child that is our country is willing to give up much of what they want, feeling that the end result might not be what is truly in the “child’s” best interest, but it is better than the alternative..

Solomon declared the woman who would lose the child in order to save its life as the real mother. If Solomon were here today, to which mother would he give this child?

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